Is PotPieGirl on Facebook?



Yes, I am!


I have a personal profile that I *try* to keep for direct family and local friends and then my business page for PotPieGirl here.

Direct link:

While it would be wonderful to have everyone, both online and offline friends, all on the same profile, my non-internet marketing family/friends might get a bit annoyed with all my work posts/comments/likes etc - and I'm sure my internet marketing friends might get annoyed by ALL the grandbaby pictures  =)


So, in the best interest of everyone, please follow my PotPieGirl business page.


(note: if you sent me a friend request to my personal profile and did not get a response from me, PLEASE do not take it personally!  I am trying really hard to keep a degree of separation between work and personal so please just follow my PotPieGirl business page on Facebook.  THANK YOU!! )


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